This Guarantee of Conformity follows the Legislative Decree 2 February 2002 n.24 in transposition of the EEC Directive 1999/44 and complies with the provisions of art. 1519 septies of the Italian Civil Code. Therefore, it is valid for 2 (two) years, starting from the date of delivery of the mattress. It is intended as a repair or replacement of the mattress and / or its components (supporting structure, fabrics, padding, seams), in the event of ascertained defects that affect its functionality.

On the contrary, the guarantee is considered annulled in the following cases: hygienic conditions compromised, in particular, if the mattress is dirty with organic liquids (Legislative Decree 81/08 to protect the health of workers); dissatisfaction, on a subjective level, with the performance and / or characteristics of the product found at the time of purchase (eg mattress too soft / rigid, retains / disperses too much heat, etc.); damage from transport or handling, not contested upon delivery; modification of the product or part of it; improper use of the mattress or negligence and carelessness of use and / or storage; deterioration due to normal wear or damage caused by the user (eg holes, tears); non-compliance with the maintenance instructions, present in the user manual, delivered with the product.

You can activate the guarantee within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of delivery, by invoice, receipt, proof of purchase. The contact person for reporting and handling the complaint is always the retailer, from whom the purchase was made, appointed by ITALIAN BEDS to ascertain production defects; the methods of intervention will then be subsequently agreed between the retailer and the manufacturer. ITALIAN BEDS will activate the guarantee only upon specific request by the retailer. The guarantee is valid only if the mattress is in perfect hygienic conditions.

ITALIAN BEDS informs that any depression over time on the mattress surface is less than 20 mm. it is due to the normal settling of the structure and padding, therefore, it does not constitute a defect. A tolerance of +/- 3% on the measurements, due to the assembly of elastic components, is to be considered normal and does not constitute a defect (tolerances and measurements in compliance with UNI EN 10707 and UNI EN 1334). Any odors emitted by the newly purchased mattress can be considered typical and will tend to disappear over time, directly proportional to the frequency with which the product is used and aired.

ITALIAN BEDS extends the warranty to 25 (twenty-five) years for manufacturing defects, from the expiry date of the conformity warranty. It is specified that the company will examine the product and assess whether the problem encountered by the consumer falls within the coverage.

Following the analysis of the product, ITALIAN BEDS will repair the same or will replace it within a reasonable time, which will be determined in relation to the extent of the repair and / or the characteristics of the goods to be replaced, with an equal or comparable product, to his opinion, in compliance with current legislation.

The warranty extension will not apply to products that have been stored or assembled incorrectly, used improperly, tampered with or cleaned with unsuitable procedures and / or products.

However, ITALIAN BEDS recommends replacing your mattress every 8-10 years, for obvious hygienic reasons, while preserving the quality of sleep.

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