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A wave of well-being

SIRENA is the mattress suitable for those who want to relax and rediscover their harmony, enjoying the massaging effect, which enhances it:

“The body is refreshed and the mind relaxes”.

Cool in summer and airy in winter, it promotes dry sleep without sweating.

  • For those who are tired of sleepless nights, due to too much heat / cold
  • For those seeking complete relaxation, both muscular and mental, eliminating all tension

Learn to relax. Your body is precious, as it houses your mind and spirit. Inner peace begins with a relaxed body”.


The feeling of well-being of the SIRENA mattress can be traced back to its special structure, which adapts to anyone.

SIRENA is designed to eliminate any doubts about the rigidity: in fact, the particular internal processing guarantees 4 types of rigidity in a single mattress.

This mattress is basically composed of:

  • MEMORY BREEZE, WITH A SPARKLING DEEP BLUE, highly breathable and thermoregulating, shaped in differentiated areas for an optimal welcome;
  • HIGH DENSITY OPEN CELL POLYURETHANE MICROCELLULAR FOAM, with an intense gray and light blue color, which guarantees the non-deformability of the mattress over time.

Therefore, SIRENA guarantees the possibility of always having 7 differentiated zones and 4 different types of support, which adapt to all body sizes.

Infinite wellness solutions in a single mattress, with particularly bright colors, to give an extraordinary touch inside and outside.
  • LUREX laynard that gives the mattress shine and antistatic properties;
  • It is soft to the touch;
  • Yarn padding;
  • High percentage of viscose that regulates the temperature and reduces the accumulation of humidity;
  • Removable and machine washable.